04 Aug Summer 2014

It’s been a very busy summer. As you may have noticed we haven’t posted very much this summer. We’ve just been so very busy, in other words… partying.Y5zmr87ppIhxsI00ybxEkRUKpEcHQX4UIorJ_-ft_8kEarlier this summer we released a video for That Doesn’t Fly by Abraham. Which currently has over 2000 hits on Youtube. In addition to that video our friend Dustin Babcock shot another music video/short film based on Abraham’s song Drinkin’ & Smokin’. Which he filmed in an actual studio with actual actors. Dustin will be submitting his film to various film festivals. Which helps us spread our music to a larger audience. Lastly we filmed another video for Abraham’s Where Are You Now?, which will be released later this month.


All summer Abraham has been playing shows at various places around Michigan. Since we’ve last posted Abraham played at Trust Fall Records and Coffee in Grayling Michigan. Subsequently we were interviewed on Q100.3 for their Michigan Music Underground. We personally didn’t hear the interview, but it was a lot of fun to do. Following that show Abraham played at an ad hoc music festival called Pyrofest. There were 200+ people in attendance, all of which seemed to enjoy the rock spectacle. Abraham had to play an extra half an hour set of covers while women wrestled in jello. We also met some very cool bands and performers such as Hand in the Ocean, Alexander James Webb, Nate & Cole Find a Radio, and Bob Busch. After those shows we also played at Louie’s Trophy House & Grill with Grave Hounds and The Free Life, followed by a show at Rupert’s Brew House with our good friends Life Size Ghost.  Like I said, we’ve been really busy this summer.10428235_797769920254222_2134732884882352406_oAbraham is continuing to play shows this summer and fall. Starting this Saturday at Louie’s with our friends The Dread Return and others. Here is our current show schedule.

August 9th – Louie’s Trophy House & Grill in Kalamazoo Michigan

September 6th – Trust Fall Records & Coffee in Grayling Michigan

September 18th – Rupert’s Brew House in Kalamazoo Michigan

September 26th – Mulligans Pub in Grand Rapids Michigan

Novemeber 16th – BBC Upper Level in Milwaukee Wisconsin

On top of all of that Abraham has been hard at work recording their next album Into This Haze of Green and Gold. Hopefully it’ll be finished by the end of the year.10370811_10152636150419516_5634422724980149421_n


Finally I’d like to mention that Abraham is posting photos of people wearing their shirts. If you happen to have a shirt or a photo of you wearing an Abraham shirt head over to Abraham’s Facebook Page and post it. Also if you would like to purchase a Abraham shirt they are available online here.




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12 Jun That Doesn’t Fly by Abraham

Here is the newest release from Abraham. A new song and video called That Doesn’t Fly.

This is actually Abraham’s first music video. We filmed this at Eastern Hill Golf Club in Kalamazoo Michigan, and Chuck’s Electric in Portage Michigan.

The golf footage was filmed by Ryan Turner, he also did a little bit of compositing. Jake Perry, Ken VandenOever, Ben Strimple and Chuck Puckett play the roles of Suits. Ashley Glass played our Beer Girl, along with Katherine Nichols. The Caddy was played by Nicholas J. Link.

The story was conceived by Abraham and Nicholas J. Link directed and edited the video.

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