02 Jun Video Projects


This past weekend Abraham finished filming footage for their video That Doesn’t Fly. The footage was shot at Eastern Hills Golf Club, and in their studio at Chuck’s Electric. Editing will begin this week and very soon the video will be viewable on this site, as well as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc…

In addition to this video our very good friend Dustin Babcock working on a video for Drinkin’ & Smokin’. Dustin will be submitting this to film festivals around the US. Helping further expose Abraham and Ho-Made Records to a larger audience. But Dustin needs help, monetary help. He has started an Indie GoGo campaign to raise funds. If you are willing and able to help we would greatly appreciate it. You can find his Indie GoGo page at the following link.


One final thing. If you live in Northern Michigan we’re headed your way for two shows. The first of which is at Trust Fall Records & Coffee in Grayling Michigan.


Trust fall is owner and operated by our friend The Reverend James Jones. We always have a great time at Trust Fall and we are certain you will too. The second show is at a folk/indie festival near Farwell Michigan called PyroFest. We will be camping the entire weekend. If you’ve ever been on a Ho-Made Records camping trip then you know it’s a party. If you’ve read this post then consider yourself invited. We love to see your faces out at shows and we love to party with you guys.

In conclusion Abraham has two videos in the works as well as two shows in Northern Michigan. If you can, please contribute to Dustin’s Indie GoGo Campaign.