01 Mar Album Production

Happy March

Back in December Jake, Kenny, and Nick made click demo versions of the 10 songs which will be featured on Abraham’s new album ‘I’ll Probably Be A Robot Before I Live Forever’. Over the past three months Jake and Ben have been using these demos to rehearse. It’s been tricky with adding a new drummer, but we’re currently ready to start recording live drum with live drums. We’re very excited to start on this project.

There’s also a new Pop Tronics album in the works with at least 5 songs nearly finished. It’s heavily focused on sampling and robotic voices. It’s becoming more of an electronic album than a hip hop album. We’ll see how that turns out once vocals are added. All the songs have also been programmed in such a way that they could possibly be performed live. A few months back a MIDI light controller was added to Pop Tronics machine setup. So a live production is an interesting option.