29 Oct Three New Tracks

Over the last month Pop Tronics has been hard at work. Over that time he’s released two songs and a interlude. Which can be found along with the rest of the Pop Tronics catalog here.



The Fast One, a small 30 second interlude of drum machine and sample madness.


321 Funk Magnum remembers the early days of Funk Magnum and classic rap. Taking it way back to the days of smoking and playing b-ball, platinum mics, rap rooms and making DOPE TRACKS.


Finally we have the newest single from Pop Tronics, I Ride a Bike. An experimental mash of Hip Hop, EDM, Queen & Pink Floyd samples, and movie samples all discussing a love of two wheel single track transportation.


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07 Oct Donuts & More

After long wait Ho-Made Records is back with new content. Donuts is the newest single from Pop Tronics and can be heard here.


Pop Tronics is finishing up work on a new album. Donuts is the first of many songs to be released in the coming weeks. Keep and eye and ear out for future Funk Magnum releases from Popular Electronics.

In addition to new Hip Hop from Ho-Made Records, Abraham has been working hard on their new album. Over the past few weeks they’ve recorded several drum tracks with their new drummer Ben Strimple.


Jake Perry is currently in the process of recording guitars, while Nick Link is busy sequencing programed parts of these songs.


Abraham’s new album is entitled I’ll Probably Be A Robot Before I Live Forever, and will tentatively be released sometime next spring.

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15 Aug The Furies 2014-2016 Demos


Since the release of But First The Furies in 2012 James and Nick have had plans to create new music as The Furies. Unfortunately due to geographic restrictions new material never came to fruition. Never the less James has been hard at work creating demos for the songs he’s written in that time. For the first time ever these demos are available to the public. You can hear The Furies 2014-2016 demos here.


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15 Mar New Old Video

This weekend we released a lost Pop Tronics video for Vow of Silence. Originally filmed as a test before production of Abraham’s That Doesn’t Fly video. The Vow of Silence album hadn’t been released at the time and the video was mostly forgotten, until now.

You may have also noticed the new design of the website. We’re hoping to be implementing many exciting new changes in the near future.

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01 Mar Album Production

Happy March

Back in December Jake, Kenny, and Nick made click demo versions of the 10 songs which will be featured on Abraham’s new album ‘I’ll Probably Be A Robot Before I Live Forever’. Over the past three months Jake and Ben have been using these demos to rehearse. It’s been tricky with adding a new drummer, but we’re currently ready to start recording live drum with live drums. We’re very excited to start on this project.

There’s also a new Pop Tronics album in the works with at least 5 songs nearly finished. It’s heavily focused on sampling and robotic voices. It’s becoming more of an electronic album than a hip hop album. We’ll see how that turns out once vocals are added. All the songs have also been programmed in such a way that they could possibly be performed live. A few months back a MIDI light controller was added to Pop Tronics machine setup. So a live production is an interesting option.

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10 Dec Announcement

Abraham will be taking a “hiatus” for the time being. Kenny got a job in San Fransisco and will be relocating. Nick is also hitting the road and heading to Portland for a while. While this seems like it may be the end for Abraham and Ho-Made Records we can assure you it is not. As I type this plans are being put into place. For now our good friend Ben Strimple will be taking up drumming duties. He and Jake Perry will be carrying the Abraham torch for the time being. Abraham has been planning on recording a new record in 2016 and I believe it still can be accomplished despite the distance. There’s also new a new Pop Tronics album and perhaps videos in the works. Who knows what other music project will come of it. Maybe the next Furies album or something completely new. Only time will tell.


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18 Nov Tour Life

We had such an amazing time time this past weekend with Not Blood Paint. Every show was better than the last. Here’s a marquee with Abraham and Not Blood Paint written on it.


The first show in Kalamazoo was an absolutely incredible family reunion. In addition to Abraham and Not Blood Paint we were also joined by Life Size Ghost and Kid Tested who drove all the way from Cincinnati. Such a great turnout. I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who made it out, because there were a lot of you. Thanks again.

Next we made it to Chicago where the above photo was taken. The Abbey is a great venue. Unfortunately in a unrelated event The Abbey had a fire the Monday after the show. Luckily nobody was hurt, but it’s a real shame.

Finally we travelled to Be Here Now in Muncie Indiana. This show was on a Monday night so we didn’t know what to expect. Our minds were blown when there was a full house. The crowd loved rock and roll and the owner was a great house. We ended up staying in his house and partying until all hours of the morning. Who knew Muncie Indiana would be so much fun.


This has definitely been one to remember. Until next time.

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31 Oct Heaven is Real

We are super excited to announce we’ll be joining Not Blood Paint on three shows of their Heaven is Real Tour. We’ll be joining them here in Kalamazoo at Shakespeare’s Lower Level. We’ll then be following them to Chicago for a show at The Abbey. Finally we’ll be finishing up in Muncie Indiana at Be Here Now. Not Blood Paint is some of our best friends and we love playing with them. These shows are going to be a blast and not to be missed.


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01 Aug Rupert’s Show

We’ve been out of commission since Pyrofest. Which was amazing, as well as the Louie’s show we played the night before. Now we’re back in action and ready to rock. At the end of the month on August 25th we’ll be playing Rupert’s Brew House with The Kickstand Band, Analogue Earth, and Tracers. We hope to see you out there.


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08 Jun Louie’s and Pyrofest

Abraham has two exciting shows coming up on the 26th and 27th of this month. First off on Friday the 26th we’ll be at Louie’s Back Room with Trancers, The Night Time, and Analogue Earth. The next night on the 27th we’ll be returning to Northern Michigan for Pyrofest. If you didn’t make it last year you missed out. It was one of our favorite shows of 2014. Hopefully 2015 will be just as good.


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26 May NYC & Philly

11329813_10152789075707587_5110014489092024983_nWe had a blast this past weekend on our first mini tour. First we visited Kings County Saloon in Brooklyn. There we played with some amazing bands Slim Wray, Sister Helen, and Harris Hawk. The next night we journeyed to Philadelphia and joined Not Blood Paint at The Fire. Finally we finished up back in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium. Here we were joined by Nonsense, Wanna, and Not Blood Paint. We sold some records, so it was a successful tour. Here’s some footage of Abraham performing Pirate Ship Revenge over the tour.

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01 May Abraham Brooklyn 2015

In an attempt to sell more records Abraham is packing up and hitting the road.

In addition to our shows in Brooklyn we’ll also be playing The Fire in Philadelphia on May 22nd with Not Blood Paint. So if you happen to live in Brooklyn or Philadelphia we would love to see you, meet you, rock for you, and sell you our album.

May 21st – King County Saloon Brooklyn New York
May 22nd – The Fire Philadelphia Pennsylvania
May 24th – LIVE @ Shea Stadium Brooklyn New York


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15 Apr Abravan


Earlier this week Abraham acquired this 2003 Chevy Venture Mini-Van. Which they have lovingly dubbed Abravan.10409108_10152694215447587_4975559915838598280_nAbravan will be taking us to shows near and far. It’s first big trip will be next month as we venture to Brooklyn for shows on the 21st and 24th, with the possibility of other shows between. There’s more information about those shows coming shortly.

We will also be taking Abravan to Pyrofest again this year. Pyrofest is an outdoor camping and music festival, in which they burn giant totem poles. Last year’s Pyrofest was an amazing time. We wrote about it a bit in this blog post. We’re expecting it to be even better this year. If you’re interested in going please get in contact with us. It’s free which is an unbeatable price.

We’ll be keeping busy over the next few weeks with all this coming up. Check back as more details are announced.

#abrahambrklyn #abravan #pyrofest


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25 Mar Ho-Made Records Merch Shop

Ever wondered where you can get official Ho-Made Records merch? Well wonder no more! Because you’re in the right spot. That’s right, we’ve added a shop here at Ho-Made Records.


Currently we’re selling Abraham tees and vinyl records, but we’ve got more to come. We’ll be updating the shop and the blog when that time comes.

In the meanwhile it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a Abraham record.

…also, a few months back a long time Ho-Made Records contributor named Guitar Wes posted this song to his Soundcloud page.

Normally we like to post new releases to our blog, but somehow this one slipped through the cracks. Better late than never right?



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16 Mar James P.M. Lee Tribute Video

In our last post we talked about the James P.M. Lee benefit show in Brooklyn. It was a wild success. I would personally like to thank everyone who came out, donated, and bid on items. We all did our part to end burglary forever!

Here is the video Nick produced for the show.

If you still would like to donate you can do that here.


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05 Mar Bands Against Burglary

Ho-Made Records is proud to be Working Harder Together.

Lead singer and guitarist of The Furies. Writer and illustrator of Nick Walks The Dinosaur. Director, editor, and videographer of Not Blood Paint’s videos. James P.M. Lee does a lot.James

Unfortunately last month someone broke into his apartment and absconded with his laptop and a couple cameras. Now his friends at Working Harder Together want to help him replace his stolen equipment. Which is why we are throwing a benefit show featuring Not Blood Paint, Wanna, Big Figment, and Steve Nelson. The night will also be emceed by the one and only Mike Fox.10928882_10153171426390229_1135622108375963373_o

Nick has been hard at work for this event. Creating a video (which we’ll post here after the show), designing signage, and printing large James P.M. Lee posters.


There will be James related merch at the show as well as a silent auction. Hopefully we’ll be able to raise enough money to replace some of his equipment. If you’re in Brooklyn come out to Kings County Saloon on March 5th at 7PM and help out. If you’re elsewhere you can donate at http://www.notbloodpaint.com/bandsagainstburglary


#bandsagainstburglary #workinghardertogether


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12 Feb Abraham Rock Band

In an effort for fans to know Abraham a little better, we released this film.

In other Abraham related news. Into This Haze of Green and Gold is slowly entering completion. Hopefully we’ll be able to release it by summer, but no promises. We’ve also been recording new demos for an eventual full length album with all new material. In addition we’ve been working on booking a few shows. It’s looking like they’re gonna be road gigs. So if you’re not around Michigan keep and ear out for that. Otherwise we’re just working and waiting for summer.

Enjoy the new video

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07 Feb Winter Marie Perry

I’d just like to take a moment to congratulate Jake Perry and Ashley Glass on the birth of their beautiful new daughter Winter Marie Perry. She’s the future CEO to the vast Ho-Made Records  empire. We all look forward to watching her grow up.


We love you baby Winnie!

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21 Jan Popular Electronics 2015

Brand new Pop Tronics with the new track Deaf Like Leopards.

In turn Pop Tronics newest album Vow of Silence has also been released and can be purchased here.
If That isn’t enough there are also new Youtube videos of the Hardware used to create Vow of Silence playing songs independently of computers.

As an extra bonus here’s a video of Pop Tronics demoing an old Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard.

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20 Nov Drinkin’ & Smokin’ (LIVE from BBC Milwaukee)

A few months back Abraham travelled to Illinois and Wisconsin for a weekend of shows. The first night they played a hookah bar called Swing State in Lake Villa Illinois. After a few hookah’s, a chicago band called The Lucky Dutch, and a few technical difficulties Abraham proceeded to bring the rock. The next night the journey continued to Milwaukee Wisconsin where Abraham played BBC Milwaukee. There they were joined by Milwaukee locals Passing Sirens and Two Fifteen. Part of Two Fifteen’s act involved people wearing Abraham Lincoln masks, which proved to be an odd coincidence. All in all it was a great time and we were able to share our music with people who wouldn’t hear it otherwise. We’ll be looking forward to playing more shows in Milwaukee in the near future.

The following is a video documentation of Abraham’s journey over that weekend. It’s worth a quick watch, enjoy.

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