Earlier this week Abraham acquired this 2003 Chevy Venture Mini-Van. Which they have lovingly dubbed Abravan.10409108_10152694215447587_4975559915838598280_nAbravan will be taking us to shows near and far. It’s first big trip will be next month as we venture to Brooklyn for shows on the 21st and 24th, with the possibility of other shows between. There’s more information about those shows coming shortly.

We will also be taking Abravan to Pyrofest again this year. Pyrofest is an outdoor camping and music festival, in which they burn giant totem poles. Last year’s Pyrofest was an amazing time. We wrote about it a bit in this blog post. We’re expecting it to be even better this year. If you’re interested in going please get in contact with us. It’s free which is an unbeatable price.

We’ll be keeping busy over the next few weeks with all this coming up. Check back as more details are announced.

#abrahambrklyn #abravan #pyrofest


Ho-Made Records Merch Shop

Ever wondered where you can get official Ho-Made Records merch? Well wonder no more! Because you’re in the right spot. That’s right, we’ve added a shop here at Ho-Made Records.


Currently we’re selling Abraham tees and vinyl records, but we’ve got more to come. We’ll be updating the shop and the blog when that time comes.

In the meanwhile it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a Abraham record.

…also, a few months back a long time Ho-Made Records contributor named Guitar Wes posted this song to his Soundcloud page.

Normally we like to post new releases to our blog, but somehow this one slipped through the cracks. Better late than never right?



James P.M. Lee Tribute Video

In our last post we talked about the James P.M. Lee benefit show in Brooklyn. It was a wild success. I would personally like to thank everyone who came out, donated, and bid on items. We all did our part to end burglary forever!

Here is the video Nick produced for the show.

If you still would like to donate you can do that here.


Bands Against Burglary

Ho-Made Records is proud to be Working Harder Together.

Lead singer and guitarist of The Furies. Writer and illustrator of Nick Walks The Dinosaur. Director, editor, and videographer of Not Blood Paint’s videos. James P.M. Lee does a lot.James

Unfortunately last month someone broke into his apartment and absconded with his laptop and a couple cameras. Now his friends at Working Harder Together want to help him replace his stolen equipment. Which is why we are throwing a benefit show featuring Not Blood Paint, Wanna, Big Figment, and Steve Nelson. The night will also be emceed by the one and only Mike Fox.10928882_10153171426390229_1135622108375963373_o

Nick has been hard at work for this event. Creating a video (which we’ll post here after the show), designing signage, and printing large James P.M. Lee posters.


There will be James related merch at the show as well as a silent auction. Hopefully we’ll be able to raise enough money to replace some of his equipment. If you’re in Brooklyn come out to Kings County Saloon on March 5th at 7PM and help out. If you’re elsewhere you can donate at http://www.notbloodpaint.com/bandsagainstburglary


#bandsagainstburglary #workinghardertogether


Abraham Rock Band

In an effort for fans to know Abraham a little better, we released this film.

In other Abraham related news. Into This Haze of Green and Gold is slowly entering completion. Hopefully we’ll be able to release it by summer, but no promises. We’ve also been recording new demos for an eventual full length album with all new material. In addition we’ve been working on booking a few shows. It’s looking like they’re gonna be road gigs. So if you’re not around Michigan keep and ear out for that. Otherwise we’re just working and waiting for summer.

Enjoy the new video

Winter Marie Perry

I’d just like to take a moment to congratulate Jake Perry and Ashley Glass on the birth of their beautiful new daughter Winter Marie Perry. She’s the future CEO to the vast Ho-Made Records  empire. We all look forward to watching her grow up.


We love you baby Winnie!

Popular Electronics 2015

Brand new Pop Tronics with the new track Deaf Like Leopards.

In turn Pop Tronics newest album Vow of Silence has also been released and can be purchased here.943640_188158054686162_1595598021_n
If That isn’t enough there are also new Youtube videos of the Hardware used to create Vow of Silence playing songs independently of computers.

As an extra bonus here’s a video of Pop Tronics demoing an old Casio SK-1 Sampling Keyboard.

Drinkin’ & Smokin’ (LIVE from BBC Milwaukee)

A few months back Abraham travelled to Illinois and Wisconsin for a weekend of shows. The first night they played a hookah bar called Swing State in Lake Villa Illinois. After a few hookah’s, a chicago band called The Lucky Dutch, and a few technical difficulties Abraham proceeded to bring the rock. The next night the journey continued to Milwaukee Wisconsin where Abraham played BBC Milwaukee. There they were joined by Milwaukee locals Passing Sirens and Two Fifteen. Part of Two Fifteen’s act involved people wearing Abraham Lincoln masks, which proved to be an odd coincidence. All in all it was a great time and we were able to share our music with people who wouldn’t hear it otherwise. We’ll be looking forward to playing more shows in Milwaukee in the near future.

The following is a video documentation of Abraham’s journey over that weekend. It’s worth a quick watch, enjoy.

Fall Shows

Septemer 6th – Trustfall Records in Grayling Michigan with Rachel Brooks and Special Guests


September 18th – Rupert’s Brew House in Kalamazoo Michigan with Not Blood Paint, Steve Nelson, and UK Special Guests


Septemebr 26th – Mulligan’s Pub in Grand Rapids Michigan with The Dread Return & Cosmonaut


Summer 2014

It’s been a very busy summer. As you may have noticed we haven’t posted very much this summer. We’ve just been so very busy, in other words… partying.Y5zmr87ppIhxsI00ybxEkRUKpEcHQX4UIorJ_-ft_8kEarlier this summer we released a video for That Doesn’t Fly by Abraham. Which currently has over 2000 hits on Youtube. In addition to that video our friend Dustin Babcock shot another music video/short film based on Abraham’s song Drinkin’ & Smokin’. Which he filmed in an actual studio with actual actors. Dustin will be submitting his film to various film festivals. Which helps us spread our music to a larger audience. Lastly we filmed another video for Abraham’s Where Are You Now?, which will be released later this month.


All summer Abraham has been playing shows at various places around Michigan. Since we’ve last posted Abraham played at Trust Fall Records and Coffee in Grayling Michigan. Subsequently we were interviewed on Q100.3 for their Michigan Music Underground. We personally didn’t hear the interview, but it was a lot of fun to do. Following that show Abraham played at an ad hoc music festival called Pyrofest. There were 200+ people in attendance, all of which seemed to enjoy the rock spectacle. Abraham had to play an extra half an hour set of covers while women wrestled in jello. We also met some very cool bands and performers such as Hand in the Ocean, Alexander James Webb, Nate & Cole Find a Radio, and Bob Busch. After those shows we also played at Louie’s Trophy House & Grill with Grave Hounds and The Free Life, followed by a show at Rupert’s Brew House with our good friends Life Size Ghost.  Like I said, we’ve been really busy this summer.10428235_797769920254222_2134732884882352406_oAbraham is continuing to play shows this summer and fall. Starting this Saturday at Louie’s with our friends The Dread Return and others. Here is our current show schedule.

August 9th – Louie’s Trophy House & Grill in Kalamazoo Michigan

September 6th – Trust Fall Records & Coffee in Grayling Michigan

September 18th – Rupert’s Brew House in Kalamazoo Michigan

September 26th – Mulligans Pub in Grand Rapids Michigan

Novemeber 16th – BBC Upper Level in Milwaukee Wisconsin

On top of all of that Abraham has been hard at work recording their next album Into This Haze of Green and Gold. Hopefully it’ll be finished by the end of the year.10370811_10152636150419516_5634422724980149421_n


Finally I’d like to mention that Abraham is posting photos of people wearing their shirts. If you happen to have a shirt or a photo of you wearing an Abraham shirt head over to Abraham’s Facebook Page and post it. Also if you would like to purchase a Abraham shirt they are available online here.




That Doesn’t Fly by Abraham

Here is the newest release from Abraham. A new song and video called That Doesn’t Fly.

This is actually Abraham’s first music video. We filmed this at Eastern Hill Golf Club in Kalamazoo Michigan, and Chuck’s Electric in Portage Michigan.

The golf footage was filmed by Ryan Turner, he also did a little bit of compositing. Jake Perry, Ken VandenOever, Ben Strimple and Chuck Puckett play the roles of Suits. Ashley Glass played our Beer Girl, along with Katherine Nichols. The Caddy was played by Nicholas J. Link.

The story was conceived by Abraham and Nicholas J. Link directed and edited the video.

Video Projects


This past weekend Abraham finished filming footage for their video That Doesn’t Fly. The footage was shot at Eastern Hills Golf Club, and in their studio at Chuck’s Electric. Editing will begin this week and very soon the video will be viewable on this site, as well as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc…

In addition to this video our very good friend Dustin Babcock working on a video for Drinkin’ & Smokin’. Dustin will be submitting this to film festivals around the US. Helping further expose Abraham and Ho-Made Records to a larger audience. But Dustin needs help, monetary help. He has started an Indie GoGo campaign to raise funds. If you are willing and able to help we would greatly appreciate it. You can find his Indie GoGo page at the following link.


One final thing. If you live in Northern Michigan we’re headed your way for two shows. The first of which is at Trust Fall Records & Coffee in Grayling Michigan.


Trust fall is owner and operated by our friend The Reverend James Jones. We always have a great time at Trust Fall and we are certain you will too. The second show is at a folk/indie festival near Farwell Michigan called PyroFest. We will be camping the entire weekend. If you’ve ever been on a Ho-Made Records camping trip then you know it’s a party. If you’ve read this post then consider yourself invited. We love to see your faces out at shows and we love to party with you guys.

In conclusion Abraham has two videos in the works as well as two shows in Northern Michigan. If you can, please contribute to Dustin’s Indie GoGo Campaign.




The Psychedelic Experience (A Country Song)

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.41.23 PMYou might know him as something else, but we know him as F. O’Reelsies. Today he released a new single on Ho-Made Records. F. O’Reelsies is a good friend and long time Ho-Made Records contributor. If you know the guy you’ll recognize this song as somewhat of a testimonial. We’ve been listening to it all day. We hope that you listen to it for the rest of the day. Enjoy.




Ho-Made Softball 2014

They drink, they smoke, they bat 900


Top Row:

Curtis Trinkle, Ken VandenOever, Brian Lowman, Shaun Minger, Josh Turcott, David Hertz, Jake Perry

Bottom Row:

Ben Strimple, Aaron Fishell, Chuck Puckett, Will Brown


Flowers on your Grave

First off we’d like to thank everyone who came out to our show at Rupert’s last Saturday. Branden Mann and Fishlips were great. Some poor college kid got hit by a car in front of Rupert’s during Abraham’s set. There was a brief intermission to be respectful to the victim and the police on the scene. After the dust settled Abraham managed to efficiently turn out the hard jams.

Also here is live footage of Abraham performing Flowers on your Grave at Louie’s Trophy House on 4/19/2014.
I would like to thank everyone for coming out to that show as well. The footage was shot by Ryan Turner and the still photos taken by Kali Rae Hornick and Stefanie Grande. Special thanks to them for all their help with this show.

Rupert’s Show

Abraham is playing with Branden Mann & Fishlips this weekend at Rupert’s Brew house. Ho-Made Records will be there selling copies of Abraham’s 5 False Alarms on vinyl. We hope to see you this Saturday.10274271_10152059683096658_4928498664448128378_n

Record Release Show


Abraham is having their record release show this weekend at Louie’s Trophy House & Grill in Kalamazoo Michigan. We will have records, tee shirts, and pins in support of 5 False Alarms. Of course Abraham will be playing along with local bands Goat Machine & The Distorted Waltz. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces and selling you all records. See you then.

10247270_10154049142845341_4873712545512308941_nIf you can’t make it to the show you can always order on online here.


DIY Vinyl Sleeve Production

As you may know Ho-Made Records recently released it’s first album on vinyl, Abraham’s 5 False Alarms.
5FA_Cover copy

The writing and recording of the music was obviously our first step. Once we had solid masters recorded we had to find a place to press the album to vinyl. We wanted to press a run of 100 records. Until fairly recently it was impossible to get short runs of less than 500. Lucky for us pressing plants have started manufacturing shorter runs. We had to do some shopping around for the best deal. We eventually landed on a company called Mobineko out of Portland Oregon. We specifically chose them because they included center labels in the price as well as free shipping. IMG_0321

Printing on 12 1/4″ vinyl jackets is expensive. Nearly as much as we paid for the record pressing itself. On top of that, printers don’t do runs of less than 500. Just because you can press 100 records does not mean you can print 100 jackets. Instead of going way over our budget and having 400 extra sleeves, we took matters into our own hands. First we ordered 100 blank sleeves from Bags Unlimited. Luckily for us we have connections to people with high quality professional color printers. We printed off 100 front and 100 back covers on 12″x18″ 80 lbs bond. The next step was to trim off the excess leaving us  with 12″x12″ squares.

 At this point we had records, blank sleeves, and trimmed prints of the albums front and back covers. Our final step was to put them all together and begin selling them. After some experimentation with Elmer’s Glue we ended up deciding on using spray adhesive. For our purposes Scotch Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive worked great.

IMG_0297We had spray the individual sheets and carefully lay them onto the blank sleeves. Then we put them in plastic poly bags and inserted download cards. The whole process took us about two hours and in the end they look great.

IMG_0381 IMG_0380IMG_0382 IMG_0379IMG_0383 IMG_0378

When all was said and done we ended up only $18 over our budget. Now we’re left with 100 vinyl records of 5 False Alarms. The records are for sale online via Bandcamp. They are $12 + shipping. You can also purchase a record from us at our live shows or in person.

1939502_10151929597632587_1309111194_n IMG_0390